Simon Whitbread


Contractor: Kinn Construction
Structural Engineer: Partridge
Interior Designers: Anna Antoniades Architecture and Guru Projects
Interior Decorator: Victoria Chapman
Joiners: ACA Joinery and Guru Projects

An eclectic and sophisticated kaleidoscope of experiences provide an entertainer’s retreat from the urban surroundings.
Fuelled by the dream of two inspiring clients to create an industrial warehouse space that was to be designed around their particular needs, we went on an amazing journey that culminated in a unique and exciting result.

The unusual layout is particular to the clients’ brief whereby a central courtyard is surrounded by the entertainment functions, whilst the living and bedroom spaces are located on the perimeter for access to the city and harbour views.

The generous living spaces can be opened to flow seamlessly from one to the other, but can also be closed off to provide intimate, cosy areas for reflection.
With the inclusion of materials such as recycled face-brick, steel, timber and concrete, the main living spaces are rich and vibrant. The bedrooms, however, have a quieter palette providing the inhabitants a variety of experiences as they move through the spaces.

“Not only were you brilliant at design but you brought light, symmetry and great materials into the fold”
– RS & JS, Darlinghurst