We treat every new design project with the respect and care it deserves to create the most extraordinary spaces possible.


We love what we do. With every project comes the chance to design something special, an opportunity for the creation of environments that genuinely enhance the lives of our clients.


The best work comes from a genuine understanding of the needs and lifestyles of our valued clients. For this reason, we carefully apply research and strategy to ensure precision of execution.


Through close partnerships with our clients, we pride ourselves on facilitating a clear, engaging and enjoyable experience, from sketch design to occupation.


The studio creates with a strong focus on fundamental design principles, creating clean, strong forms that connect indoor and outdoor spaces, synergising the built and natural environment.


Combining architecture with customised interior design tailored to the style and lifestyle of our clients, all aspects of our projects are consciously and comprehensively aligned.


Investing in quality ensures longevity. At Anna Antoniades Architecture we prioritise the long-term vision of a project, combining attention to detail with a comprehensive, end-goal mindset.

Firm Studio Anna Antoniades Architecture

Our Studio

Located in Darlinghurst, our open and vibrant studio is a buzzing hub of creativity and welcoming energy. We thrive on interaction and co-creation, relishing the opportunity to work with our clients and collaborators on a range of projects, The building consists of multiple design-based practices, facilitating a uniquely creative environment.

Our People

Beginning her career after graduating from University in 1997, Anna has established a reputation for her innovative, all-encompassing style and her highly engaged, personable approach to the design process. Anna’s career has seen her create for Stafford Architecture in Sydney, as well as Ant Residential Design, which she founded in 2009.


Throughout this extensive experience Anna has gradually mastered two skills that, working in tandem, constitute a hallmark of her architectural firm today: navigating often complicated, elaborate submission processes while pushing for groundbreaking design and execution.


Anna prides herself on building strong relationships with her clients and being personally involved with every project. Her team comprises likeminded architects and industry experts who complement her skillsets, bringing new dimension and depth to every project the studio creates.

Sydney Architect Anna Antoniades